Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So, rugby ended last week. Overall, Frank liked it, and says he wants to play again next year, but, "I don't like having my flag pulled, Mommy.  I want to do TACKLE rugby!"  Um, okay, but you have to wait a good six years or so before you can do that, kid.

The situation with the other boy got marginally better.  Frank made more of an effort to stay away from him at practice and during matches.  However, this kid simply could NOT take a hint!  He kept following Frank around.  "Frank, look at this...Frank, wanna play?  Frank, watch me!"  Ugh.  He apparently behaved pretty similarly at day camp, too.

Frank is in a different grouping at daycamp for this week and next week, because it's a different session, and this other kid is not in this group.

I'm just relieved we do not live in the same town as this family, so the boys won't see each other in school.  They will go to the same regional high school, though.  I guess I'll worry about that in nine years...

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