Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is this really my kid??

So, this morning was a lazy morning; we all basically hung out in our PJs until nearly noon.  Darrel made pancakes and bacon.  (For those who don't know, generally, I cook dinners, except for red meat.  Red meat is a man's job, in my opinion.  And breakfast?  My husband excels at cooking breakfast, so, when we occasionally do something more elaborate than cereal, he cooks.)  We talked with Frank while we ate.  I mentioned again to Frank about how I was planning on bringing a waffle and a pancake to OT this coming Tuesday because I really think he'll like them.  "Also, when we go to Disney," Darrel added, "You can have pancakes shaped like Mickey's head!"  Frank was intrigued by this, so Darrel explained how they make the pancakes with the head and two ears to look like Mickey's sillouette.  I asked Frank to touch a pancake, he willingly did so, and I thought that was the end of it.

An hour later, I was outside doing some gardening, and Darrel came out to find me.  "Guess what he's doing right now," he said.

"Um...watching TV?"

"Besides that."

"Um...eating lunch?"

"Sort of."

"Eating a pancake?"  I really didn't believe this one, but tossed it out there just as a guess.  Imagine how shocked I was when Darrel nodded.  Apparently, Frank had wandered into the kitchen while Darrel was cleaning up some stuff, and started poking at the pile of leftover pancakes.  Darrel casually offered him one, and Frank hesitated, and then said, "I'll just take a small piece."  He tore off a small piece, ate it, and decided he liked it, so he grabed the remainder of that pancake and shoved it in his mouth!

Wow.  My kid ate a pancake!

We thought that was the end of the pleasant surprises for the day.  Nope, the kid had other plans.  About an hour after he ate the pancake, he calmly got up, went in the bathroom, got his potty seat set up...and pooped in the potty, only calling out for help when it was time to wipe him off!  He's used the toilet for number two off and on for a few weeks now, but this was the first time he's done it all totally on his own, and not asked for someone to keep him company.  (Yeah, sitting with my son in the bathroom while he defacates...not one of those Hallmark parenting moments anyone ever tells you about.)

THEN, later in the evening, we got back from food shopping and were putting the food away.  I had gotten chocolate chip cookies, with the idea of bringing them to OT Tuesday.  I showed them to Frank, and he was intrigued again.  He came over to check the package out.  Darrel asked him if he wanted to try one: "I'll eat half of a cookie, and you eat the other half."  Much to both of our surprise, Frank agreed!  He took a decent sized bite, chewed, and swallowed...and then ran for his milk to get rid of the taste.  The cookie itself, he said, was fine, but, ..."I didn't like the chips, Mommy.  They were too much, too chocolatey."

"That's fine, honey," I told him.  "You tried it, and the trying to me is the most important part.  You are not going to like every single thing you eat, but I want you to be able to try anythign we ask you to."

As a reward for all his good work today, we got McDonald's for dinner.  (My child is an American.  If he could eat McDonald's for dinner every night of the week, he would.)  He also got to play extended Wii time with Daddy this evening, finally getting to bed about 8:30pm.

He's been so open and into trying new things recently, it's nuts!  I keep worrying that it's going to end, and he'll go back to his previously-limited diet again soon.  But we both think he's getting bored eating the same things the same times every single day, and maybe that's playing into his interest.  Whether it's that or he wants to please D, his OT, I don't really care- I just hope it continues!

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