Thursday, July 21, 2011


My son has always hated the sprinkler.  He's hated being sprayed with water from a hose.  He refused to let us turn on the shower head.  The one thing he remembers from (a pretty awful) family vacation two years ago (when he wasn't even three years old) is, "...there was no bathtub, only a shower, so you had to wash me in the shower, and I cried and cried the whole time."

His daycare has water play three days a week, two of which are the days he goes during the summer.  The first week of summer this year, I didn't even bother sending in a bathing suit.  Last year, he always flat-out refused to try running through the sprinkler, and would just sit and watch his friends, so, really, why bother?

So, the first day of water play, I got a note sent home: "Just a reminder- Water play is Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday each week.  Please send Frank in with his bathing suit on and a change of pants." 

Um, okay.  So, when I went and got my kid, I noticed he was wearing a different pair of shorts than I had sent him to school in.  Why, you ask?  He'd run through the sprinkler in those shorts, and changed into the spare pair afterwards (that is always kept on hand for, um, bathroom emergencies). 

Really?  MY kid?  Ran through the sprinkler? 

"Yeah, Mommy, it was fun!" he told me in the car on the way home.  "I want to wear my Star Wars bathing suit tomorrow for water play!"

Really.  MY kid.  Ran through the sprinkler!

He's engaged in water play every day since then, and this past Sunday, I had him outside running through our sprinkler here for an hour straight, laughing the whole time.  I was afraid to run inside to get my camera, afraid to ruin the moment.  I do wish I had gotten a picture, though. 

It was glorious.

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