Monday, September 5, 2011

New School Year

Frank and I did some back-to-school shopping today, specifically, for clothing.  (Note to self: Never ever do this on Labor Day again.  Ever.  It's like shopping for presents on December 23rd.)  He's got plenty of t-shirts, but I was looking for long sleeved shirts.  Target didn't seem to have much out yet, which is fine.  But it occured to me while we were shopping that things I do as part of routine might seem odd to others.

For example, I picked up one long-sleeved shirt.  I felt it, and then said to Frank, "Hey, how does this feel to you?"  Most mothers would ask their child how the shirt looks.  Frank truly does not care how a shirt looks.  You could put anything on him, and so long as it covers his body, and doesn't itch, he's good.  It doesn't have to match his pants, either.  (He's started picking out his own clothing in the morning.  The results have been interesting at times.)

He was very matter-of-fact about my question, too.  He ran his fingers over the inside seam in the neck, and said, "Feels good to me."  I bought the shirt in every color they had for this style, because, as the SPD parents all know, when you find something the kid approves, this is what you do.

Some brands of shirts, I can buy without him accompanying me, because I know from past sizes that they feel good to him.  But new ones, I always have him approve for me, because the last thing I need is to be faced with, "I don't like that shirt- it itches!" on a school morning. 

We had to skip OT last week, and will have to skip this week as well.  I don't like doing that, but that's how it goes, I guess.

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  1. I actually always check how clothes feel too! Certain textures and seams can bring on hives for me. I always instinctively 'feel' clothing before I even consider it! :)