Friday, August 5, 2011

Two weeks

That's how long it's been since he's had an accident.

He still hasn't pooped in the toilet at school, though, so I fear it's only a matter of time.

He's ceased complaining about pain when he uses the toilet, and I have not put any Miralax in his food, six weeks, maybe?  I really think my intial theory was correct- he was complaining that it hurt to poop in the toilet, but didn't hurt to poop in his diaper, because the different angle felt strange to him, and he misinterpreted that strangeness as pain. 

He tried a sugar cookie today.  He was kind of excited about it, too.  The sugar cookies I bought are plain, beige cookies.  Beige to him has come to equal tolerable food in some ways.  Beige does not have little surprise bits in it, like chocolate chips.  He bit into the cookie, and burst into tears. 

"I don't like it!"

I tried to get him to finish that cookie, but he was a mess.  When I got him calmed down, he was able to tell me, "It's too sugary!" 

My son is a salt fiend.  The only thing with sugar that goes into his body on a regular basis is apple juice.  So, while I was a bit disappointed, I wasn't all that shocked. 

D, his OT, says she wants to get him to eat a cupcake- not the icing, but the cake part.  Cupcakes are a huge part of social things for kids his age, and kids will start to notice soon that he eats differently, and, as we know, kids can be so cruel.  I still want him to eat fruits and veggies, but, honestly, as someone who was picked on for virtually her entire schooling years, I agree with D; anything that will lessen the chances of him being an easy target for bullying is really a splendid idea in my book.

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