Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pizza! Pizza!

So, I started giving some pizza to Frank a couple of weeks ago.  I chose pizza because it's salty, and the kid LOVES salty things.  I gave him a tiny piece at first, and told him to touch it.  He did, so next we moved onto him holding it up to his lips- success!  Over a period of mere days we progressed from that to him actually eating a few bites.

On Sunday evening, he asked for pizza for dinner.  Darrel and I looked at each other, and Darrel said, "I guess tonight's pizza night!"  He ran out and got a pizza, and for the first time, the three of us ate pizza together, like a family. 

This opens up eating options so much more for us, both here and when we go to Disney World.  Darrel and I love pizza, and usually have it every Friday night.  It's part of our routine.  Now Frank can be part of that routine, and I am so happy, both for him and for us.

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  1. That's so awesome! What should be little things to most, is indeed MAJOR things to us :) Celebrate each and every success. I love that you guys ran out and got pizza that very moment! What an awesome sense of encouragement for you son :) Cant' wait to follow more of your blog!